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It was quiet for a few days, I know…just busy catching up with my household, handmade orders and my friends. But no worries, I am back and I have some cute pictures to share.

first I finished my footsies in pink, but I think that the yarn is too hot to use them as my workout socks 😦 it’s still very hot out here and I don’t want to wear anything but flip flops for now. Cotton socks to the gym rock 😀

The next thing on my order list was a black beanie, so I finished that one too 🙂 wow I have been on a roll…

pattern link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/challenger-hat

Now I am working on my new fancy socks…can’t resist a sock pattern.

The yarn I am using to make these (Knitty, Rivercat) socks is called Panda Cotton Sox (55% bamboo, 24% cotton and 21% elastic nylon, handwash) and can be bought at www.woolendyeworks.com or www.whimzypinzy.etsy.com

Pattern link: http://knitty.com/ISSUEss11/PATTrivercat.php on 3 dpns #0

At first glance I didn’t like the look of the partially untwisted yarn end since I so dislike splitting yarns (my worst experience was with the Berroco Sock yarn 😦 ) Anyway working with the yarn for a few rows, it turned out to work just fine and the pattern is really visible so in the end I think it was a good choice. Here are some pictures:

Still on my list to do list is “Inky” the trouble maker cat of Tim Sheridan, he needs a yellow ascot with a black cat face…I need to sit on this one for a little bit…challenge!!! Love challenges though… 🙂

What else was there I wanted to share with you…let me think…hmmm…oh…I remember: beanies (hats). I found this bulky yarn in my stash while I was looking for the sock yarn.

I designated this bulky (unnamed) yarn to become a Beehive Hat (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/slouchy-beehive-hat) I made one before from leftover Noro yarn and I love it. Here is the Noro leftover yarn Beehive Hat:

Now it’s time to go back to my socks and leave with the promise: “I will be back SOON” 😀

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