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Hey there!

After a busy running errands today like Costco, Home Depot and Petco, I finally got to sit down after dinner to give you an update about today.

We had some rain, thunder and lightning going on that lasted about 10 min and washed this part of the Californian Desert clean.

Put the trash containers on the street since its trash day tomorrow morning and got some random chores done at the house too, since Californians can’t drive in the rain, I stayed home till it stopped…

Sitting outside, while the puppy Snuggles made his patrol round around the house, I was enjoying the beautiful mountains and the blooming trees across the street attracted some yellow butterflies that facinated me. Our hummingbird “fly-thru”, as we call our hummingbird feeder, was busy and for once I didn’t forget to buy new hummingbird feeder ingredients. I always buy the one that you mix with water from Home Depot. It’s easy and fast, since I almost have to refill it every other day 🙂

I worked late last night on my “rivercat” sock since I was determine to turn the heel that night (I know silly me!) and I reached the gusset rounds of the (still) first sock. Here is a picture:

I still love the yarn…

Looking around on Ravelry I got “approved” for a Mystery Test Sock KnitALong (KAL) http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/knitting-like-crazy-fans/1751831/1-25 (the link in case you need it) starting 8/5/2011 😀

I have one more swap on Ravelry I have to make…http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/itsy-bitsy-swap–chat/1762812/1-25 my swap partner asked for a sewn project bag so let’s see if that can be granted 🙂

Oh the funniest thing happened today…While it was raining Snuggles wanted to investigate what it was I let him outside, at the same time I heard the sprinklers turn on and splashing water on my back windows…what is that??? The sprinkler head was blown off by the water pressure 😦 hmmm…let’s see if I can fix that…I managed to get mud water allover my face BUT I got it back on!!! WOOHOO…time for a shower now miss mudface LOL!!! The whole time puppy Snuggles was waiting by the french doors and of course he was totally DRY!!! What a smart puppy LOL!!!

Since I broke the Cuisinart coffee carafe yesterday by accident, back up was a thermos carafe (which is fine but only holds 9 cups, not enough in this coffee loving household), I ordered a new one on Amazon for $19, actually that was cheaper than I thought it would be since it allowed free shipping too. I had to order my Cookie A. sock book with it of course to get to the $25 free shipping option…That book was on my list for a couple of years since I made her Monkey Sock anyway…can’t wait to receive it!!! It’s scheduled to arrive between August 8-11, 2011!!!

Now I made the bed, love fresh sheets, and getting ready to hit the gym for an hour, hour and a half…take care everyone and be safe!!!