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When we woke up this morning…waaayyyyy too early 😀 I turned on the tv and it happen to show “K9 Cops”. Puppy Snuggles has been watching this tv show (repeats) for 3hrs straight…too freaking funny. Normally he shadows me wherever I go but today it’s all about his K9 friends, showing him their tricks LOL

Here he is watching:

Nothing can distract him right now! This is HIS show!!! In the commercial breaks he either has a drink or checks the yard 🙂 This crazy puppy has made me laugh from the day we saw him, he is a born comedian and a player but we love him so much!!! He is the best!!!

Got the Mystery Sock KAL on my needles and finished chart 1, here is a peek:

Working on Chart 2 today…

Here is a picture of the custom adjustable collar and matching leash for Mickey (Snuggles best buddy):

Look at that handsome face, totally showing off his bling bling 🙂

It was busy this morning at the Hummingbird fly thru…they are so pretty 😀

Okay…back to work for me now…enjoy your weekend!!