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Today I decided that every distraction of painting, fiber, spinning, crochet, knitting etc needed to be resisted since our household needed me badly to start off the spring cleaning.

I know…no fun but keep reading and you will understand that it was a rewarding job so far…

I like to think that I am a good housekeeper but today I discovered the Shark Steam Mop and the Shark Handheld Steamer…

Let me first show you what they look like:

Shark Steam Mop:


Know that I am a very sceptical person…I don’t buy things on the fly. So I have to thank my (Shark loving) friends for their much needed push to buy these 2 amazing products and NO I am not in any way affiliated with Shark or neither do I get paid to write this post!!! 🙂 but I am happy to share my findings. By the way, I had a hard time finding GOOD HONEST reviews (some people get PAID to write reviews for websites) and YouTube showed me just the Shark commercials so I thought let me write something up for others to help them decide…or not…it’s a free world! 🙂

These are my findings about the products.

Let’s start with the Shark Steam Mop:

90% of our house has tile floors, so it has always been a big chore to take on and living in the desert means we open a window or a door and bang :SAND flies in (uninvited) on top of that we have a crazy puppy that loves to run in and out of the house after playing in our yard.

So after trying several conventional mops and even going down on my knees to scrub, I always pushed this chore to do last in my weekly cleaning.

These days it’s a blast, floors are done in less than an hour and they are shiny, clean and look new!!! Putting the mop steamer together was done in a few minutes after I received it. No Ikea instructions!!! Fast and painless!!!

The cleaning cloths can be washed and reused over and over again, no more buying cleaning products (saves $$$) either.

Yes, I still have to vacuum prior to the mopping chore but knowing that the mopping is fun and rewarding, it’s ok.

Shark Handheld Steamer:

Again I thought I cleaned very throughly every single week but this strong little steamy fellow proofed me I didn’t! The soap scum that was built up in the tile shower blew me away…no way!!! WAY!!! Even the grout looks like new!!!

Watch out though HOT HOT HOT steam!!! It has a pretty consistent flow of VERY HOT steam but some times you have to give the little steamer a little time (few seconds) to produce that hard dirt blasting steam. But oh my….it’s so worth it!!! Try to aim close and at different angles and you will be as surprised as I was…

You don’t need to fill it up so often and I can use tap water. The water reservoir lasts pretty long…

Today I cleaned the whole master bathroom (spring cleaning!) in 3.5hrs from floors to “ceiling”. Floor boards, floors, mirrors, sinks, toilet, shower, tub and all the surfaces are CLEAN!!! This feels so good!!! Still have to do the rest of the house and figure out the other attachments, but I will keep you posted!

So overall both products are really worth their money for what they can do.

Some questions you might have:

Will you enjoy cleaning?

I won’t but it is a necessary task and if it goes faster and better it just makes my life easier…

Does your partner love you more when you start using this?

We love a clean, organised house so I just hope he loves me just a little bit more…he better!!! 🙂

How much was the Shark Steam Mop and where did you buy it?

I bought it at Costco for $79.99 (excl.tax)

How much was the Shark Handheld Steamer and where did you buy it?

I scooped around online, since most stores in my area don’t carry it in their stores. So after searching for the cheapest one (with free shipping), I searched for store coupons and was able to get it for $69.99 (incl free shipping)

Would I buy them again?


If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me!!!

Hope this helped for those in doubt or just wanna get the household chores done right and fast!

Love, Manon