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I have been working really hard to make the most beautifulyeah handspun yarns. But first I have to tell you how surprised I was at a story a fellow fiber friend told me.

She told me that there are people out there that think that fiber producing animals get killed to get their fiber coats…really? Yes, she said…this really blew me away. We know that that is not true!!!

Fiber producing animals need a shearing atleast once a year (some more often, some less often depending on the breed/animal). For shearing the animals for their coat we don’t need to kill them, the opposite! Imagine you walk around in your furry coat in mid summer temperatures…that’s no fun and can give you dangerous heat strokes, therefor the animals get shoarn. They feel so much better after we shear them and it doesn’t hurt them a bit!!! We can do this over and over every time without killing them!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this fairy tale…

Here are the new handspun yarns (on my Spinolution Mach II wheel) I made in the last few days and they are all up for sale in my www.etsy.com/shop/beautifulyeah Store on Etsy: