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First thing I did this morning was rinsing out, and lay out on my drying racks, part of the Icelandic fleece that had been soaking all night. I also put the dry fleece in a bag so that I can put that thru my picker.

My puppy was so happy that he could still check out the stinky smells on the new wet fleece. And no he doesn’t “snif” no he pushes his little nose right into the fleece…he is such a funny little dude!!!

So after that it was time to see if the yarns I wetted last night were dry and ready to be twisted into skeins…YES!!!

Living here in the high desert has a lot of advantages…everything dries really fast so…overnight the yarns were ready to look pretty in the pictures I had to take for all the social media sites…ugh…not my favorite part 😉

I decided I would change real fast my cover photo on my FB wall, have breakfast and list the skeins on Etsy…was I wrong!!!

Before I could get up, my FB friends were already “liking” my new cover photo of the yarns…oh really??? Yes, and it makes me feel happy that I created something that others like as much as I do…my best rewards are the small ones!!! Feel free to send me a friend request by clicking here!!!

 Oh this was the picture that was such a “hit”:

Anyway…I stayed put in my chair behind my pc to list my yarns of course…and write this blog post since I am at it…getting hungry now so…

see you all later and know that I appreciate all your “likes”, purchases, comments, suggestions etc!!! Feel free to contact me!!