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First of all I like to thank everyone for the enormous support/responses  I get on my blog! And I am not only talking about the HUGE views but also all the kind messages from my readers. You make it all worth to put my time in writing about my (fiber) creativity and I enjoy every single minute of sharing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I will answer every single message personally to the best I can 🙂

Yesterday, I had a long “to do” list as usual so I started out with working the Social Media sites. Since I am an artist I need to make money to support my art and pay the bills just like everyone else. So please take a moment to visit my Etsy Shop (beautifulyeah) for handspun yarns  AND/OR my Etsy Shop (calicreative) for finished items and share my Shops with your friends/family.

Having one thing of my list, I had to finish working on my YouTube video showing of all my handspun yarns that are currently up for sale in my Etsy Shop Beautifulyeah.

Be my guest and let me know what you think:

It’s the very first YouTube video/slideshow I ever made so it took me a few hours to put it all together 🙂

In the mean time I washed the last part of the Icelandic Fleece that is now ready to get picked in my picker that was build by my friend Randy Barton. He is an amazing carpenter/friend and I am lucky to have him make this one for me! It’s heavy so it won’t move while I am using it!!! You can contact Randy clicking here!

Let me show you the picker he made for me:

There is some alpaca still in it to work but soon I will be picking the Icelandic Fleece that is washed up nicely with the beauty of all the natural coloring:

 There was a lot more in the day for me to do and the next thing were some house chores that desperately needed my attention…:-)

Having started those I wanted to critically look at  my Etsy Shop and my products what I can do to improve. I decided to design ballbands for my handspun yarns. I took and posted on my FB profile the picture but it was dark so I took a picture in daylight:

It tells the customers what they bought and for me it is easier to find and remember what I put into the yarns. Hope you like them as much as I do!!!

You might ask yourself (and I received emails about this subject before) Why does she support all those people, on HER blog, with their art? Well, first of all these are GREAT friends and fellow artist that it is for me a way to say thank you for everything. For you readers, you know that you buying a quality product from their Etsy Shops and you can count on the customer service they give, simply because they (and myself) believe in their creations! Second, it’s a BIG world out there and there is room enough for everyone.

My spinning skills are all taught by Janice Rosema, who is an amazing talented friend of mine, and being her “apprentice” spinner, and one of her best friends, I can only support her. Her art speaks for itself…I have huge shoes to fill…:-) but I will take the challenge!!

I had a lot of questions too about what people can make of handspun yarns so I will go to my design board and help you out by writing up some patterns. I have some patterns that I need to finish the samples for so soon you can expect those first! Believe me, creating beauty takes time…LOL 🙂

So back to my day…after I finished all this and some, I needed to get ingredients to make a homemade salad for dinner and relax…

Thanks for visiting again and don’t forget to support artists!!