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Today I have been pretty occupied with reorganizing my fiber stash into one room. At least that was the plan…

*Fiber is out of the living room except for my wheel and the fiber I need to spin up for my waiting list customers.

*Office room has some of the raw fiber stuff in bags.

*Guest room has my easel, painting supplies and a large table with my picker and drum carders. The closet in the guest room is organized with yarn in the curver boxes, tools in one spot and projects that are in the design fase nicely lined up.

It’s too hard now at night-time to take a pic so if I don’t forget and if I don’t get slammed with “life” in general, I will post a pic.

This cleaning out the guest room closet made me discover Donna Dewberry One Stroke that was gifted to me when I told them I was going to paint. Very sweet but I was talking about Fine Art Painting not this kind of decorative painting. So I decided to sell it in my Ebay Store:

Now I have to get back to my wheel and get some spinning done…see you soon!