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So first a reminder that my auctions for the rovings are ending soon on Ebay!!! CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY EBAY STORE

Oh and I am working on two paintings:

Snowy lake:

The lighthouse:

Okay now we are going to talk about reorganizing my fiber room this week…

So let me show you the pics of the result of this crazy idea. You have to know that I really wanted everything in ONE place but this happened…

One part is in our office: the raw fiber stock and Etsy Shop items (pink box):

(drum carders aren’t mine, they have a fiber loving house with my spinning guru, Thank you Janice)

there is more…in the guest bedroom closet: yarns, tools and all kinds of fiber related stock:


in the guest bedroom table I design mostly but now I put my picker here next to my easel…

Well I found a bunch on undyed hanks of fingering weight and bulky weight yarns, nicely packed and patiently waiting for my magic dye wand.

So Saturday became a crazy dye day! I mean super crazy, pots on the stove, countertops covered up to avoid staining, yarn pre dye soaking in the sink and my puppy watching from a distant with his funny face. He is always there since he loves following me around especially outside…he is a puppy Shih Tzu and as most people know, they don’t shed!

He is my best buddy in my creative life, he checks what I am doing and follows me to double check results. At night he is exhausted and most days I have to carry him to his bed cos he is too sleepy to follow me to the bedroom 🙂 nosy little dude!!!

The temperature here is around 90+F so I started hanging out the dyed hanks one by one…

It got to dark that I couldn’t take a pic of the remaining 4 hanks of sock yarn that I dyed. So working till early in the morning taking pics, contacting my friends to come up with names for the yarns, rewinding hanks and writing up the Etsy Shop listings got me exhausted and behind the computer writing you about my creative adventures right now 🙂

I love what I do so go and check out the new hanks of fingering weight/sock yarn/bulky weight since I don’t know if I will do this again any time soon, it’s all depending whether it sells or not, so go grab these deals 🙂