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Book review for:

“Mastering Color Knitting” by Melissa Leapman

Since I started knitting at the age of 5yr, I was always fascinated by the color knitting my grandmother did in practically all the knitting and crochet projects that she tackled. She was my teacher and kept me highly motivated to keep knitting/crocheting and never to give up. Well…it worked, it became my first love but I have to tell you that being born in Europe helps too, where color knitting is something that is known for all the beautiful sweaters in Fair Isle/Intarsia and so on  🙂

Think about the (fisherman) sweaters alone…and those stunning colored socks, bags and hats…yummy!!!

So I decided to give this beautiful book, that deserves a review, from Melissa Leapman about Mastering Color Knitting.

In her book she, first, tackles all the basics of color knitting like: how to read color charts, color knitting fundamentals and how to choose your colors for color knitting project.

She will then go to show and teach you: stranded knitting (Fair Isle), intarsia and reversable two color knitting. All these subjects have clear instructions, patterns to make gorgeous color knitting projects that will take you to the next level. Even if you have never done any color knitting project, this book is a really great guideline to start you on a new or old love for color knitting.

Further in the book Melissa has over 200 new original stitch patterns and a total of 12 projects to get you ready to try your color knitting skills. Don’t be put off by sewing in the ends but see the final results of your color work. It’s is so worth it!!! I have made many many projects in the past that I have started designing color knits, simply because I think it’s an absolute eyecatcher.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Continental style knitter or a British (throwing method) style knitter, it just takes practise like everything else. Myself, I like to knit Continental but that is since that was what my grandma taught me…I can do both but I prefer to hold my strand(s) the continental way using either my left or right hand supporting the strands.

Back to the book, the instructions are simple and she even included a designer workshop for color knitting 😀


Thank you Melissa for putting Color Knitting in the spotlight!

You can find Melissa Leapman on FaceBook and on Ravelry.

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