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Well, what did I do today?

Don’t you some times have this “blackout” if someone asks you what you did today? I do but than my friends remind me…you do so much, I wouldn’t be able to remember what I did if I did as much as you do. How the heck do you do it?

Ehhhh…I don’t see it as doing a lot, I see it as things need to be done… 🙂

Any way, today I got up, made my morning coffee while puppy Snuggles was doing his rounds checking out if something might have changed while he was “off duty”. Crawled behind my computer, dealt with all my emails and decided that my blog was due for a makeover…so a lot of decision all of a sudden (due to too many choices LOL). Finally after a few hours in front of the computer (working on several other things too) and straighten the house out again, I came up with this new layout what you see now. What do you think?

After that I went to do my daily errands, groceries, post office etc..came back unloaded my car, put everything in place and looked fresh at my samples for the new patterns. For the people that are following me on my personal Facebook (feel free to add me), I found the “lost” pattern of the bottom up (seamless) baby vest. It still is not exactly what I had drawn up since it need “something” extra…put that aside and went to have coffee with one of my friends out here to relax, catch up and have some good laughs…it worked, I had a great time!

I got inspired for some new yarns by a woman that was wearing the colors that I wanna use 😀 and on top of that I now know what my samples need! Wow, I only need to execute it over the weekend and type out the pattern. One down…few more to go though…

Now I just broke away from my wheel, to write this post, were I finished spinning a single in black, white and dark brown…not sure what I am going to do with it but it looks like licorice to me 😀

It’s a woolblend (soft) that was in my fiber stash since last year…forgot where I got it already…LOL

This is how the roving looks like but doesn’t look like a “skunk” LOL:

Pictures aren’t great since it is already dark here…

While the puppy is sleeping real close to my spinning wheel, I will continue spinning some red roving for another project…

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Have a great weekend and I will, hopefully, see you soon again here on my blog