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This is the view from my window where I write on my computer the blog posts almost every day. It’s in the guest bedroom where all my fiber is stashed in boxes too. Little cramped since I still have to organize it from the move. I know it’s been a month but still I like to “live” too and enjoy my life here πŸ™‚

The beach is only 3 blocks to the left and about a 5-10min walk. We have a doggy beach here too and our puppy Snuggles loves to race next to the boardwalk in the sand to the puppy beach.

Here is the little sand monster (Dr. Snuggles) in his doggy sweater (it’s only 55F degrees today), watching the birds at the beach

See in the sand NOT on the boardwalk cos you don’t get dirty (sandy) on there…LOL

Here we are on the way back from the doggy beach…

the pace is much slower cos he’s getting really tired…little “strikes” every so now and then or as we call it “flat tires” πŸ™‚

The locals are playing beach Volleyball so the puppy had to watch for a few minutes πŸ™‚

Another beautiful view on our daily beach walk…

Here is a picture of the few homemade blueberry muffins left of this morning…wow they go FAST!! I don’t think they will last till tomorrow…hahaha

And a little puppy fight with my mummy on the guest bed…puppy life is soooo COOL!!

This picture I took last night after he walked his last round in the rain. Asked to be put on the bed and dug himself a cozy warm spot under his blanky, while I was reading my book (Nora Roberts – The Search)…

So this was a little story about my day, now I have to get cozy and work on our CAL (Christmas Lights string)

I have so far 10 light bulbs ready and I want to do a few more before I start on the connectors and the “cable”

They look so pretty…what do you think we should do at our next KAL/CAL for January?