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First of all, I like to say to everyone and your loved ones:

So we have that out of the way 🙂 let’s get back to creating beauty again…

Besides that I love fiberart, I also love sewing. Not so much clothing but quilts/wall hangings etc., smaller projects so I don’t get bored that fast 🙂

Today I went to Joanns since I have this poppies wallhanging quilt in my possession forever and the Christmas coupons from Joanns made it possible to buy the materials.

It was published a while ago in Sewing Savvy 2008 (discontinued) but if you are interested, thanks to the internet, you can still buy the pattern here for $3.29 free shipping PDF file.

So with the batting I already had in my stash, these are all the materials you need besides some embroidery floss (yellow) and your sewing tools.

  • Top green is for the backing
  • Dark green is for the outer border and binding
  • Yellow is for the inner border
  • Off white with a little gold in it is for the background behind the flowers
  • And the two packages of yellow/red and light to dark green are for the leaves and poppies.

So this is what I am going to be busy with over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Most likely I will not finish it in 2 days but that’s ok 🙂

Again, Merry Christmas everyone!!! Be safe!!! xoxo