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Right, it’s Christmas Day and I had these great plans to work on my poppies wall hanging, relax etc..but…nope, not yet so far.

Since we moved last month into this apartment, I kinda put some in places and said to myself that I would make it work better soon. Well, today was the day!

I was so fed up with looking at some bags with fiber in the dining room that I knew that I didn’t have any space in the guest/design room to put it. So the only solution to put my mind at ease was to tackle this problem right now big time! This includes moving furniture, reorganizing the transparent big plastic boxes (in the hope some will end up being empty LOL) etc…

First thing to tackle was to unpack the 3 piece large bookcase in the guest room…ugh…I moved the 2 side pieces by myself to the dining room but I needed my hubby to help me with the big piece that goes in the middle. That done, I had to reorganize the bookcases and walk back and forth with stacks of books from one room to the other.

In the mean time, my hubby and the dog decided that they would be better off to go have a coffee at Starbucks instead of staying around in the house…:) which was fine with me! More “freedom” to move things around and less watching out that I don’t trip over the puppy. He likes to know what’s going on and check everything again which is very challenging to not step on him.

Now 5 hours later, I am kinda satisfied with final looks of the guest and dining room. Let’s see if it’s also pratical in the next few days. Here is the (temporary) end result picture:


We didn’t exchange gifts this year because we decided that moving back to living at the beach was our Christmas present. It’s so good to be back and being able to hang out with friends, visit the beach and enjoy our lives out here. I am pretty sure that our puppy Dr. Snuggles thinks the same.

The Verizon Unit (cable/internet provider) is still peeping it’s head off since Christmas Eve, screaming that it needs a new battery, that will be fixed hopefully tomorrow by one of their tech guys that will come out and fix it.

From all of us here: