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So today I went to Costco and stocked up for 9 days worth of groceries, including meat/fresh veggies! And I only spend $85!!! No coupons were needed either 🙂

We like to make a sandwich for lunch so I decided to buy 2 whole chickens (not alive anymore RIP)

Chicken breasts for dinner, wings for sandwiches and legs for in a chicken salad, PERFECT! That gives me at least 3 meals!

Washed the whole chicken thoroughly in the sink, added my spices and got out my good old crockpot.

I burned a whole chicken once in the oven so since then it’s crockpot only for the whole chicken 🙂

Don’t forget to deep clean the sink, surfaces and your hands after you are done prepping the chicken!!! You don’t want any contaminations!!!

Spices for the medium rub I used:

cayenne pepper


sea salt

onion powder

garlic powder


you can use anything you like or prefer of course but this was what I had available in my spice cabinet.

Ball up some foil so the whole chicken can “rest” on them 🙂

And whoop….there it is in the crockpot:

2hrs on high and 5hrs on low (about 165degrees F)

That is it!!!

Any questions…let me know or tell me if it worked out for you if you try this out 🙂