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So as my previous post told you I rescued two plants today from the trash 😀

As I blogged and talked about this little adventure on Facebook, I had no idea that I would be ending up, getting my arm twisted to go “alley” trash shopping again…

We have sooooo many alleys in this area so I was only able, in 85F, to cover 4 alleys on my treasure hunt.

Well off I went, really 2 steps in the alley behind our house I found 6 picture frames and a “wreath” plastic container box…SCORE. And easy cos I could just turn around and leave it in our garage.

One alley over I found a big(ger) picture frame (no glass though) but some dunes/ocean pic (B&W) in it. Fine, mine!

Walking in the alley, made me giggle especially when I decided why not take all the empty bottles too. I go to the recycle center every 2-3 months anyway, it’s cash money baby!! Well, picked up two big garbage bags of empty bottles up while treasure hunting in the alleys 😀

I saw a lot of furniture, desks, tables, chairs etc…just needed a facelift.

Oh and all the things you can do with clothing….that’s for next time 😀

So guess what I will be doing soon…YES!!! I will start refinishing the frames and use them!!

What a fun day!!! And it was so much fun interacting with everyone on my Treasure Hunt!!!

Thank you for participating!!!

See you tomorrow, much love 🙂