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The picture frames I found yesterday are in need of a makeover to fit my beach interior decorations 🙂

So this is how i found them before I tackled the 6 picture frames:
(The 6th one is larger so you will see it in the next pictures)


I want them look weathered with some color coming through, you will see what I mean…

I used Gesso (white) since I have a big bottle of it, to set kind of a base to cover the brown of the wood.
(Instead of gesso you can use any acrylic paint in whatever color you fancy of course)

One coat done:


No I have to let it dry and apply a second coat of gesso.


Here is my setup on the dining room table:


This second coat needs to really dry so we all have to wait…:)
I will show you the next stages as I get there of course!