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Most of you that follow me on my personal Facebook, know that I am a retired Air Force veteran so “Quilts of Valor” (www.qovf.org) is dear to me.

As an textile and fiber artist, I like to contribute on a regular base, a handmade quilt to this Foundation that will be given to our wounded veterans.


To make this happen, I need your help. I will donate my time to design and make the quilts and I am asking you to consider donating: 100% cotton fabric in solid red, solid white, solid blue and patriotic print fabrics and help me with the supplies needed to make quilts to donate.

My husband will donate the money to ship the quilts to and from the long arm quilter and to the Foundation, where they will be given to our wounded veterans 🙂

How can you help?

All donations will be appreciated and will ONLY be used to make the quilts!

Here is a picture of the fabrics that were donated this week:


I truly hope that we can ship many, many quilts to “Quilts of Valor”

Thank you so much!!!