About me and my family

A lot of people asked me why I don’t write a blog…so I finally decided that it is time to start…so here we go!!!

Hope you going to enjoy my blog with all my adventures, creative spins and more.

Feel free to comment…

Let’s introduce my lovely family and myself:

My family consists of my one-in-a-million husband (David), our super crazy but happy Shih-Tzu puppy (Dr. Snuggles), our orange tabby (Heathcliff) and myself and we live a few blocks away from the ocean on the West Coast. So a daily routine of letting the puppy have fun playing sand monster at the beach is a must!


I recently decided that its time for me to really retire and enjoy life to the max.
My husband mainly works night shifts so our household is on a weird/out of the normal schedule but it works just fine for us 🙂


I love to be creative and my outlets are: designing, spinning yarn, knitting, crochet and occasionally sewing (and I will be posting my own designs/creations). Most of the patterns I design for knitting and crochet you can find on Ravelry and Craftsy.

I love to go on “adventures/roadtrips” taking the puppy Snuggles with me, so I will take you with me when I do so…

This was just a brief introduction of myself and my family. So let’s get started blogging some more…

3 thoughts on “About me and my family”

  1. nancy norment said:

    I would LOVE to subscribe to the Mobile version of your blog, Manon….Can you help me with that? The ‘options” wouldn’t allow me to switch–such a bother! Anyway, this is an exciting opportunity for your communiques, non?! nmn~

  2. I’m very happy you’re near the water and in California…closer to me!!! (San Diego)

    You’re the best friend ever and help us keeping us baby chickens under your wing!

    Love you,


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